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SuperLeash™️ - Pet Leash with Water Bottle


"YES!! Finally, a fairly inexpensive, good-quality leash with a dog water bottle that does not leak. This bottle is made of durable plastic and looks amazing, definitely worth the price. It is also great for long hikes because the bottle capacity is big. My puppy is frequently dehydrated during long hikes, but when I saw the Facebook ad of Paw & Meow, I bought it immediately. I 100% recommend them and look forward to buying from them more for my beloved puppy."

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Julia Mark

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Keeping dogs hydrated while walking is crucial! Unfortunately, dehydration in dogs during exercise is a life-threatening condition. According to the ASPCA, dogs reach dehydration faster than humans, which can happen in cold and hot temperatures. If left untreated, dehydration can cause severe organ damage, including kidney failure, unconsciousness, and even death in extreme cases.


SuperLeash™ is a well-designed, high-quality leash with a portable water bottle and a collapsible bowl, making it the best solution for dogs' dehydration. Having water on hand protects against dehydration. The overall capacity of the bottle (350 ml) is designed according to the recommendations of ASPCA to avoid dehydration and save the internal organs. SuperLeash™ has high-quality internal parts and a thoughtful design to improve daily walks with a canine companion.



ANTI-DEHYDRATION PROTECTION: With a conveniently stored water bottle with a drip-resistant cap that holds 350ml, you will enjoy a dehydration-free adventure. In addition, you can use the attached bowl to feed dogs when they are hungry.




ENHANCE FULL COMFORT: With a collapsible water bowl, waste bag dispenser, and bag hook, you're ready for a walk with your dog. There is no need to carry extra things, enjoy a stress-free walk.



PROVIDE FULL CONTROL: Thanks to its ergonomic, full-fist handle, SuperLeash™ can help in protecting your dog from deep cuts or strangulation caused by the high force generated by sudden moves. That's why SuperLeash™ is the best solution to keep your precious dog SAFE and SATISFIED.


WASTE-FREE GARDEN: With this magic design, you will have a waste-free garden as the waste bag dispenser ensures you always have waste bags on hand for easy pickups. A handy hook for filled waste bags means no more messy bags to carry, leaving your hands free.



✅ ENSURE THE HIGH-QUALITY: SuperLeash is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed for easy use. The pet collar is made of double-resistance nylon, and the sturdy steel safety lock is durable and easy to use, bringing you everything you should have in life. 


We understand how frustrating it feels to take our pets for a long walk without having enough water for them. Walking our eager pets outside is difficult enough as it is, so having to carry their needs inconveniently may add to the discomfort. Individually carrying the stuff they require, such as poop bags, food, and water bottle, is a difficult chore!


Thankfully, SuperLeash™ provides you with everything you need to protect your dog's life, including water, poop bags, and a food bowl. It has all items that you need to make your walking experience much easier and more enjoyable. SuperLeash™ is created for pet parents who want to give their furry friends more freedom while maintaining safety and control at all times.




Material: ABS, Nylon, Nickel Plated

Size: 25 x 16 x 5.5cm

Weight: 450 g

Length: 120 cm

Package Includes: 1 x GoSafeTM Leash 

  • Is it FDA approved?

Yes, it's  FDA approved.

  • Is this leash able to hold the poop bag holder?

Yes, a handy hook for filled waste bags means no more messy bags to carry.

  • Can I use this for my cat?

This product is safe for cats.

  • Is this a retractable dog leash?

No, it's a fixed leash (nonretractable) as it provides greater control for you and your dog and prevents injury, as retractable leashes are outlawed in 50% of the US States and Canada.


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